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Brain Bundle Membership

Brain Bundles are curated subscriptions of learning materials. Hand-selected, thematic resources, engage you and make learning fun and rewarding by reading, creating, reasoning, exploring, and playing.

Each box is full of activities to foster lifelong habits of curiosity and creativity. Brain Bundles contain 10-15 curated items that may be: Books (fiction, non-fiction, historical-fiction, biographies, poetry, picture books, instructional how-to, workbooks, and more), Crafts, Games, Puzzles, Maps, and Manipulatives. You will also find a beautifully designed Learning Guide to assist you with suggested uses and pairings, and a sample schedule. In addition, you will have the chance to work on a challenge and receive a badge for every challenge you complete.

Premium Members have access to my workshop videos to show you how to use the materials with your friends and family. Through demonstrations with people of different ages, you will see how I introduce the materials to them, get them interested in learning together, and how to incorporate the materials in your home.

I am committed to delivering a memorable experience. That is why your subscription includes one monthly check-in with me, your Brain PALS Coach. I want to make sure your bundle is just the right match for you. Each check-in will give you time to discuss what you loved, the readability and accessibility of the items, and any questions you may have.

Have questions before choosing your Brain Bundle Membership? Contact me at [email protected].

Sheroes: A Study of Heroic Qualities Inside Us All

$44.99 + shipping

Everyone deserves someone they can admire – someone who inspires them, challenges them, makes them examine themselves. In Sheroes: A Study of Heroic Qualities Inside Us All, you will get a closer look at these miraculous women whom we can admire, while building your self-awareness.

Through studying each shero, you will learn about a quality exhibited by a woman in history and explore that quality in yourself. Reflection is key and honest self-discussions may arise. You may wish to discuss and share with your family and friends about the qualities within yourself, collaborate on ways you can grow and strengthen the qualities together, and how these qualities will effect you in life.

Everyone in your family can use this book to build a personal collection of archetypes, and use them in everyday life: Maybe I could I have been more like Grace in that situation? Would it be helpful to use a little essence of Evita? How might I prepare so I can be courageous like Harriet? People of all genders, ages, and abilities can benefit from having positive examples to reference.