What Makes It Work


We are born intelligent, creative beings, eager to ask questions and express new ideas. Somewhere along the path of life, we often get sidetracked by society, by duties, by roles we are asked to play. I’d like to help you, and possibly your family, regain your passion for life, grow love and respect between you and the world, and strengthen your relationships.

To enrich a person’s life with a variety of knowledge and awareness takes more than just an “instructor.” I believe it takes a coach; that’s why I no longer use the word “teacher.” Teachers mainly instruct and inform per curriculum; instead, coaches prompt, drive, and encourage.

My goal for Personal Advancement Learners is to engage the world around them, question what they know, discover their true selves, ask questions, and create new solutions. I take careful consideration to understand your situation and needs, your life-style, schedule, faith, and other factors to develop a plan that is a perfect fit for you. I’ll accommodate and choose lessons or projects appropriate for you so I’m always engaging your mind, body, heart, and spirit.

Though I am not a family therapist, as a professional, I take my years of experience and create lessons and opportunities for you to grow. Instilling awe, wonder, questioning skills, and resiliency are among my top priorities as a your learning coach. Working together, we will build a community of support and structure to help you today and future days. Hopefully, you will take your advancement and bring it into the world and share it with others.

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