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Giving everyone the resources to create a learning culture at home.

Brain Bundles

You’ve imagined yourself a better learner – that’s what has brought you here. Maybe you just started the journey or you’re overwhelmed with all the materials out there and just need someone to help. You’ve imagined a beautiful experience for yourself, and it’s just not working. Yet.

I know it’s tough. Let me help.

Finding the “just right” learning out-of-the-box subscription to suit your needs can be expensive and overwhelming. Everyday life takes time and energy and there is often little left over for planning, and, more importantly, learning. Everyone has an opinion and it’s hard to know who to listen to when it comes to your self development.

Why learn more than the basics? 

You learned how to read, your basic math skills, etc. But now that you’re done with school, can’t you just coast by? Yes and no. The basics will certainly help you get by in life, but there is a big world out there and it wants you to be part of it. Learning new things increases your awe and wonder, your gratitude, and your outlook on life. Learning also helps you live longer (check out my blog).

You’re Important.

If you have children or grandchildren, don’t you want them to see YOU as a learning role model? In order to continue to be that positive learning model, you need to do the modeling. An enhanced quality of life is available to everyone, and you can help yourself and your loved ones steer towards that path.

Yes, you will need to read.

Research has said for a long time that reading at home to your children, even long past the time they need you to read to them, is the single most important factor in their success. Imagine using reading as a continued way to drive success. Not only will I help you continue to read, but continue to learn with your friends and family.

I create the bundle, so you can focus on the fun. 

Each box provides a month of thematic activities to foster lifelong habits of curiosity and creativity. Inside each bundle, you find a Learning Guide to assist you with suggested uses and pairings, a sample schedule, and a motivational challenge. You will have the chance to receive a badge for every challenge you complete.

Regain your confidence.

I’m committed to your learning; that is why your Brain Bundles subscription includes one monthly check-in with me. I want to make sure your bundle is just the right match for you. Each check-in will give you time to discuss what you loved, the readability and accessibility of the items, any questions have, and any additional support you may need.

Together, we can do this.

Therefore, support, demonstrations, and ample time is what you get. More time to explore and enjoy your new knowledge. More time for yourself. And more time to create the magical learning experience you envision. When you subscribe to Brain Bundles, you are accepting the support of an education professional who is committed to empowering you to learn at home.

What makes this membership different?

Brain Bundles bring you hand-selected, thematic bundles of learning opportunities that engage you and make learning fun and rewarding. By reading, creating, reasoning, exploring, and playing, you will build and grow a love for learning at home. Premium members will have access to my videos which show you how to use the materials by yourself or with friends and family. Through demonstrations with people of different ages, you will see how I introduce the materials to them, get them interested in learning together, and how to incorporate the materials in your home.

Brain Bundle Members receive: 

The Road Trip U.S.A. Brain Bundle provides an introduction to the geography, history, and culture of the United States. I have divided the states into 10 regions; your year long subscription includes an introduction bundle, 10 bundles – each one a different region, and a wrap-up bundle (12 total). 

I have selected only products that I have used with my family or students. Everything is adult and child approved. These high quality materials may include: games, puzzles, workbooks, maps, worksheets, arts and crafts, and fiction or non-fiction books.

A Learning Guide will be provided with each bundle. It is like your own learning magazine created to inspire and educate you. It will provide you with: a list of the materials, the methodology behind my selections, written suggestions on how to use the materials, a sample learning schedule, beautiful images and notes to encourage and inspire you.


(PREMIUM MEMBERS ONLY) Each month, you will be sent a link to a series of videos, demonstrating how I would use the materials with my friends and family. By having visual examples, you will be able to follow along and practice by yourself or with a friend. I will break down the process and methodology behind my techniques. You may wish to take notes during this time. If you have any questions about the demonstrations, please refer to them during our monthly check-in. (PREMIUM MEMBERS ONLY)

As your personal Learning Coach, I am going to guide through every step of the way. Besides providing you with materials, directions, and videos, I will check in with you once a month to make sure everyone is engaged, learning, and growing. It is the appropriate time to bring up any questions or complications. If something is pressing, and cannot wait for a check-in, please email me.


Each month, you will have an opportunity to earn a Brain PALS Pin! This is a fun way for you to stay motivated and looking forward to the next Brain Bundle. Pins come in the mail after you have completed the requirements and include a hand-written card from me and a specially designed pin. Some members choose to collect their pins on a lanyard hanging on a key holder, in a picture frame displayed in the living room, or on a hand-made banner. The pins correspond to your Brain Bundle and will require certain projects, activities, and submissions. You can find directions to earn pins in your Learning Guide.

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